Thursday, April 24, 2008

I get it all the time.....

Banks call me offering me cheques. Some for RM8k, and today, Hong Leong offered RM33k! Immediate approval!

So the next question one would ask would be, how much interest is imposed on this fantastic loan?

“1.5% per month mam”.

R u nuts?? That’s 18% per year! Its like charging RM33k to my credit card at one go! These banks think we are stupid or what.

Of course its payable in 5 years max. Now somebody do the math. Why would I need to incur 18% interest pa for RM33k that I don’t need??

Banks are definitely desperate for business. I’ve recently cleared all my credit cards. Which mean, I don’t owe anything on 18% interest pa. Which means, banks are not making money from my sinful spending.

So they thrust a pre approved RM33k cheque in my face.

Haha… nice try.


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