Thursday, April 24, 2008

Marking the milestones with a Song

Just yesterday, I was listening to Shanice’s I love your smile. Remember that song?!!

Of course it was the glorious 90s when that song was popular…. Picadilly!!!! Teenagehood!!, boys!!, parties!!, tea dance!!, sweet 16!!...

It was sometime after era that I heard that song again, which when I was in Uni. Parties!!, Boys!!, clubbing!! (notice the activities are the same when I was a teenager hehe)

Then, almost 10 years later, recently I found her Single, which I bought when I was in UK and was listening to it in my new (dream?) car. Men!! Work!! Stress!! Morons!! (tak best nye. How life has changed)

I wonder what I will be doing when I come across this song again…….Funny isn’t it.

Could I be pregnant, or perhaps my kids would have already grown, would I still be employed, would I be rich (??!!!!!), would I be poor……

Is there a song you know that is marking the milestones in your life?

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