Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hubby's Birthday

Hubby’s birthday was last Saturday, and we had a blast.

I gave his pressie at midnight of his birthday. He loves it…. At least I think he does…. I’m sure he does … I know I do hehe…

Then we had dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant at Hartamas, the one above 5 a sec. Notice how ALL Korean BBQ Restaurants are called Korean BBQ Restaurants, so the only way you can describe the one you mean is by landmark.

It was SEDAP! I like the marinated beef one, while hubby likes it unmarinated. Besides the BBQ, we had Bimbimbap. Its like nasi goreng. It comes in a claypot with its sauce, vege, fried egg on top, and other stuff I am not sure what it is. You have to mix it up on your own, and what you get at the end is something that looks like nasi goreng, but better! We also have the kimchi. Of course when you have Korean, you gotta have kimchi. It’s a sour tasting soup (I’m sure there is a more sophisticated way of describing this) with lots of veg. The broth can be made from beef or pork, or seafood. We opt for the seafood. Complements the meal really well. YUM!!

With stuffed bellies, we headed to Pulse, where we were to meet Citykoos & hubby and Y and hubby. We had a BLAST!! I’ve not had so much fun in a LOOONG time. The music was fantastic! There was a life band, and in between sets the music was great too.

I woke up the next morning with painful knees haha!!! I’m getting OLD!!! Dancing all night long now takes a toll on me.

Citykoos, babe, I was still blur the next day, and I had to entertain my parents and inlaws cos we were having hubby’s birthday lunch at my house. I threw up later that evening… all that steamboat that I had for lunch. Hubby was busy laughing at me for that….. OLD OLEDI!!

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citykoos said...

hahaha!!! my back is still aching k! and u have yet to hear abt MY adventure when u guys left dat night.. aiyo.. i will be in the office on monday (eventhough i am officially on leave) for a meeting. so kalau sempat lunch huh?