Monday, July 14, 2008

Twix shake!!

Twix shake!!, originally uploaded by Selinz.

I just LOVE twix. When we were in Switz, I did not even bother to get myself toblerones or Lindt. I just grabbed a big bag of mini twix.

While walking around Zurich, we discovered a candy store. Besides loads of really cool candies, they had a refrigerator with shakes, and they had Twix shake!! I just HAD to try it!

It comes with chocolate rice crispies in a separate packet, where you put them into the shake yourself. The drink was VERY creamy and really does taste like twix. Surprisingly it was not too sweet!

They also had Bounty shake and Mars shake! Fancy that. Immediately I thought of Nutty Professor :D


Mariuca said...

Hi dear! Thanks for visiting my blog he he... I love Twix too, can't get enough! Have u tried the peanut butter Twix? YUMMY!! :):):)

Baby Mits said...

There's peanut butter twix?? Where can I get those?!