Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cake Connection

Cake Connection, originally uploaded by Selinz.

Yet another baking class! This time its just the good old vanilla cupcakes.

Cake Connection is a specialist shop selling imported stuff for cake decorating. Located at Jaya One, its shop is real chic and has LOADS of cake toppers, sprinklers, ingredients, moulds to make that special cake!

I went for the Cupcake 101 class, which teaches the basic vanilla cupcake and butter cream frosting. I finally have the correct recipe for the frosting where the frosting holds its shape just like the ones we buy at the shop. And they taste delicious too!! The cake is really simple to make and the frosting is not too hard either!

Baking the cake was just a demo but frosting was hands on.

Nancy, our instructure showed us how to get the right consistency for the frosting so that we get the shape that we want when we pipe it. The secret ingredient is shortening and meringue powder which is sold at her shop. These will ensure that the frosting holds its shape an d not melt or collapse in our humidity.

Here are some pictures.....

Cake ConnectionCake Connection

Nancy (in red apron) is showing us how to mix the colours into the frosting and how to pipe pretty swirls flowers onto our cupcakes.

Cake Connection

This is how you do the swirl!

Cake ConnectionCake ConnectionCake Connection

These are what I made!

The class costs RM85 and you get to take home 3 nozzles and 4 reusable piping bags.


Mariuca said...

YAY I see Nancy here he he! Sounds like u had fun Lin and the cup cakes sure look yummy, esp the S and F ones lol! ;)

citykoos said...

oh, stop baking these cute little stuff!! im greeeeeeen with envy already! :P

and while u're baking, YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!! ;>

sue said...

the cuppies are so prettyyyy n cute. Well done girl,for piping such delicate deco..the class look so much fun. How many students were there in a class?

btw did u received my mail?