Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Food Pet Peeves

I have weird ways of eating certain foods. Its how I like them. Here are some of my food pet peeves

- I like to have my marmite with butter and sugar on bread. (The Mat Sallehs squirmed when they saw me eat it )
- I love cauliflower cheese. A liking I developed when I was in UK. But I like my cauliflower cheese on toast with ketchup! This is because when I was at boarding school in UK, they would usually have cauliflower cheese with bacon. So since I can’t have bacon, I have it with toast and ketchup! And I m stuck to it til today
- I have pancakes with maple syrup and fried egg! With the yolk still runny! Yum!!
- I have roti canai with sugar or sometimes golden syrup. Well I used to when I was little. Now I don’t eat roti canai at all.

Whats your food pet peeve?

1 comment:

Mariuca said...

Oh boy! For me, only the roti canai with sugar sounds okay, cause I eat it that way too sometimes! :)