Monday, September 08, 2008

The fridge

Currently am in the market for a new fridge. The one we have at home is far too small and can’t fit most of our junk food, oops I mean fresh vegetables, meat and such.

As mentioned in one of my previous post I’ve always wanted a side by side door one. Just because it looks cool. I like how everything is neatly compartmentalized. I like how the freezer is full length and not just at the top bit of the fridge.

This particular one is 580L, and I thought WOW its huge. Price is RM4,399.


And then I saw this one. Its called the top mount type.

A whole lot cheaper and a whole lot bigger! A whopping 700L! Price is RM 3,399!

The auntie working at Best Denki told me, “you can put very big pot in one” and I thought, why would you want to put the whole pot into the fridge?? Then it dawned on me that the space is much bigger than the side by side door one. The capacity of the fridge maybe the same, but this one is wider. Indeed you can put a big pot in one!! Notice the black square bit? Its a soft touch ice bar. Quick access to ice cubes.

 And now to raise the funds to get it.

As usual, donations are open. All proceeds shall go to my refrigerator fund.

Many thanks

Btw also *cough* it matches my microwave oven :D





citykoos said...

get the side by side door one! especially the one with the mirror-like surface, very chic!

refrigerator fund? keh..keh..keh.. can i donate with cookies?

Baby Mits said...

The side by side one kecik. Its also one thousand more expensive! Though it looks very nice la.

The top mount one kat dalam besar giler. So can fit like a few whole cakes side by side.

Tough choice kan.

Yes you can donate with cookies hehe

citykoos said...

y u want to fit few whole cakes?? u opening a bakery isit? can order? :>

i wish the makcik kopetro stop running ard with cookies order list! i just cant help myself to order k, tah berapa banyak tah ive ordered from 3 different makciks! then i can definitely donate u with cookies