Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lazy Days, Happy Days

I'm just so lazy today. Fasting has taken its tol on me. The great news is that my boss is away for 2 days! TWO whole days!! So I am going to take this opportunity to bum around as much as I can!!

Aaaahhhh yes the pleasure of bumming around. * BLISS *

On a lazy day like this I am reminded of some good old times when I used to live in Ampang.

- We used to hang out at my apartment on Sunday mornings, still in pyjamas (she lives in another block but comes over to hang out) and playing Parasite Eve on play station.

- One time I lost my friends cat, Figaro. She came over and helped me make posters all night and spent most of the next time looking for that cat calling out her name til we were hoarse.

- We used to come home from clubs, erm, very "happy", holding out "hats" in the car to make sure we don't make a mess.

- She came over when I locked myself out of my bedroom,where most of my stuff are, including my house keys!! So she stayed in so I can go out to get the locksmith to open the door!

- She came to visit me so many times when I was at the hospital, bringing me magazines and cheering me up.

- I accompanied her while she drove around the apartment complex when she first learned to drive. She can't use a manual gear stick to save her life. But now she is zooming around in fast cars and reviewing them too. On auto gear stick of course.

- We were driven like a roller coaster in Japan by our dear friend, you were thrown about in the back seat while I was nice and firm in my bucket seats in the front passenger seat hehe

- We put an engine together, I dropped a con rod, made an old Japanese man dance and curse, we ate those yummy custard donut things, walked home in the cold, sat in our hotel and watched cheap porn (u remember?? u only had that channel in your room), we got bored one night and called our friend H to get us and we crashed out at his house and refused to go home, went to the auto museum, ate the weirdest nasi goreng over (during one of our training sessions where the Japs ate Sukiyaki and we were given a HUGE bowl of nasi goreng)

- We bought TONS of doriyaki from that supermarket near the office, god knows why... Isetan oso got sell.

Gurl, u know who you are, I might not have said this enough, but Thank you for being such a great friends during good and bad times. Thats what you call, a real friend. What good times we used to have!



citykoos said...

u made me cry! LOVE U TOO BEBS!!

and when will we ever get to assemble an engine again? not in a million years, i hope..

Baby Mits said...

hehe.... great memories kan. Thinking about it, we did so many cool things together.

I quite enjoyed the engine assembly, fun what! hehe

Isam d'Allee said...

Terharu aku baca ...

Hmm .. you ladies seemed very 'fond' of Japan and the dept that brought you there, eh? :-)

Anyway, the H you are referring to is still single, right?

Baby Mits said...

Well there were good times and bad times there. But most of the time it makes me depressed haha!

Yes H is still single, which is such a shame because he is such a sweetheart!!

I am yet to find those donuts here in KL. Or at least something that tastes like it. It was SO yummy. Closest is Papa Beard cos the custard is the same.

Isam d'Allee said...

You are talking about Mister Donut, right? I love those and I do miss them sometimes.

Mr S. gave you ladies such hard times back then .. anyway, I believe both of you are now in good and happy places.

Baby Mits said...

No its not Mister Donut. I think its from a supermarket. Its like a cake but with custard in the center.

Yes the bastard gave us a hard time. Til now there is still no person that can compare to that moron.

Yes we both are in happy places right now. Alhamdullilah.

citykoos said...

what hard time?? it was HELL with capitals and 40 size fonts!

oh! and i saw him in one of the technology talk that i have to go for my project. i was like, huh? why was HE there? THAT technology is sooo not related to PT! tuang is it?? and then, when he saw me, he actually commented out loud that i was trying to avoid him!! uurrgghh, cold shivers down my spine!

nowadays, whenever i have a hardtime, i kept thinking of that time and i feel better again. FUUH! thank god, right, linz!

Baby Mits said...

Oh what a nerve!!! That guy just can't stop being an ASSHOLE!!!