Thursday, September 11, 2008

Salam Ramadhan

Such an overdue post. This was meant to come up 1st of Ramadhan of course. Better late then never?

So hows Ramadhan been? Mine's been rather uneventful. We've only been to the Pasar Ramadhan at TTDI. Not very exciting. They don't have that many stalls, and they don't seem appetising. I mean, you don't feel excited and feel like you want to buy everything there. There is a famous popiah stall there (then again almost all pasar ramadhans has a famous popiah stall. I really wonder what the craze is all about). The queue is endless and people actually take the time to wait. This popiah is the goreng type, not the basah type. I've tried it before and its quite nice. I like the one with the red sauce on top.

Deep fried popiahMalaysian night market - Kueh teaw gorengPasar Ramadhan Section 14 PJMalaysian night market - Putu Bamboo

My favourite nasi kerabu stall opens at the TTDI pasar ramadhan too. Che Nah sells the same stuf she does in the mornings but with more lauk and such. There is also this stall that sells chocolate cake, apparently very nice. I am yet to try it. There is also one that sells giant samosas. Quite nice, but not that great.

Really fun and exciting pasar ramadhans are usually in KL. The Setiawangsa one has SOOOOO many things to drool over. Lauk for nasi is in abundance. I can't even list them down, or rather, i don't even know what they are called, but I eat them anyway. We end up with more than necessary usually. And cheap too. Definitely cheaper than the one at TTDI.

I'm not a fan of hotel buffets. It costs far too much and hotels are exploiting ramadhan. Besides, you can't eat that much for buka anyway.

So this evening, we are going to Setiawangsa to get lauk. YUM!!!


floweRinthedesert said...

yea what's with the popiahs that people sanggup queue berderet2 even in the pouring rain. i've always wondered too..

floweRinthedesert said...

Oooppsss...cakap pasal popiah i forgot my main reason for posting this comment, which is to wish you and hubby "Selamat Berpuasa" & May you have a blessed (if not eventful pun) Ramadhan this year. :)

Baby Mits said...

Insane isn't it. Especially the Sect 14 popiah. One time I wanted to try to see what the fuss was all about, so I joined the ever so long Q. It does taste good, but am not sure if it was worth the wait!

Thank you for the wishes. Selamat Berbuka to you too!

citykoos said...

jauhnya beli lauk, beb! my pasar ramadhan depan rumah je k, so cool! but soooo annoying to get home :<

Baby Mits said...

saja je variety. sebab in PJ tak best. Odw home from work we singgah la kat KL punye pasar ramadhan

Baby Mits said...

saja je variety. sebab in PJ tak best. Odw home from work we singgah la kat KL punye pasar ramadhan

Mariuca said...

We've been to TTDI Pasar Ramadhan twice, and I think only the ikan bakar is nice. Rest all very the biasa! ;)

My friend went for One World's buffet, RM100 for abt 80 types of dishes and what not. She said it was really nice but yup, RM100 is not worth any buffet if u ask me! ;)