Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lazy bum

I've been my laziest the past few months. I just could not bring myself to do any chores at all at home. I mean, I know I've always wined about how much laundry I've got , not I'm just not doing it. Poor hubby has to do it instead . Either that or I get my weekend maid to do it.

I just feel overwhelmed. At work I'm not too bad but at home, I'm really too lazy. Dishes pile up in the sink for ages. I've not groomed myself in ages too. I've not been to a facial in the past year, or the very least I've not even done my facial scrub and mask at home either.

I've neglected going to the gym and I'm still paying for membership which has
now increased by so much! In the last week though I have made an attempt to start my rpm and body pump classes. Needless to say I am growing to be quite a decent looking potatoe.

So after being lazy for so long I've finally had it and decided to pull myself together. Perhaps the gym helped increase my energy a little.

This morning, after my wedding shoot I decided to pull myself together. I did the laundry, sorted out the mail and found that hubby had already done the dishes, bless his heart.

Now as I an writting this, am getting a foot massage at Uptown.

A little reward does hot hurt ay!!

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