Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Breakfast on Malaysia Airlines

I used to enjoy airline food. I love how nifty everything is placed on a try and how they arrange their food, or how they have little containers for everything. I thought it was a really fun packed meal. It did not use to taste too bad either on Malaysian Airlines. Nowadays, its quite different!

Just worth noting, I am not biased towards Business Class. Food in economy class also used to be quite fun and yummy for me, infact even now, I think food in economy class is taste better than the ones in Business Class!

I think about 5 years ago, MAS changed their food service structure for Business Class. They used to wheel the buffet cart to the passengers, where we can choose what we want. The selection would usually be between beef, chicken or vegetarian, unless you have a “Special Meal” ordered. Dessert used to be a mini tub of Hagan Daz, which I would usually complement with a glass of champagne J Of course there is the infamous satay which you will get with any meal for Starters.

Nowadays, you still get satay for starters (except for breakfast of course). It tastes just as good, thankfully. But now you have to choose your main meal from a menu, which they will bring to you on a tray, just like in economy class. Cutlery is pretty simple. Nothing fancy. Somehow I think cutlery varies from each route. I remember a route to Japan, they gave us plastic fork and spoons, while a trip to London, we have silver fork and spoons.

Also worth mentioning is that the food now tastes TERRIBLE!

On a not so recent flight to Korea, the breakfast was a complete let down. It was just tasteless, rubbery and overcooked. Though it looks gourmet, rest assured that anybody can come up with something better in their own kitchen. The coffee served was from a café tier, I suppose that would mean that we are getting fresh coffee, but sorry to say, their choice of brew is just appalling. I prefer their previous, which I think probably was Nescafe. Bread from their bread basket is now dry and cold. Does not seem like we get to ask for extras either. I used to indulge on their croissants for breakfast, which was not the best, but not bad.

Now that MAS is no more in the red, I suppose their cost cutting measures is working. But in my opinion, it should not affect services that are directly impacted towards customers. Food is definitely one, that should not be compromised.
Time to check out alternative airlines!

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