Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Punjabi wedding

Last week, I assisted a friend in a wedding photoshoot. It was a Punjabi wedding, apparently it was Day 1 of a 5 day event!

It was just a dinner and dance, as we were told. The guests started to trickle in from 7.30am. The crowd at the bar at the end of the hall was getting happier and happier J

And a dinner and dance it was!

It was a free and easy dinner, buffet style. They had Indian vegetarian food which smelled heavenly. We working people could only drool.

And then the dancing started! Banghra music started playing and everyone, I MEAN everyone, including all the Aunties, Uncles, children… were all bopping away to the music! Some had real fancy moves! And they were not coming from the young ones! It was like a disco and I must admit the music was real catchy! Soon I found myself bouncing to the music too!

Makes malay weddings seem so boring :P

Can’t post any pictures yet as they are not released to the clients yet.

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