Friday, February 13, 2009

Pasar Siti Khadijah, Kota Bahru, Malaysia

I love taking pictures of old people. There is something very interesting in their eyes. Its like they have a million stories to share, a million advice to impart. Eyes and a face that that are sands of time.

This shot was taken over a year ago, while I was in Kota Bahru for an event. I managed to squeeze some time to visit the Siti Khadijah market, a famous wet market there. I went around with my camera, and tele-photo lens, trying to capture as much of the ambience as I could. The market vendors seemed unmoved with my presence, as though its common sight to see city folks roaming their turf with curiousity and excitement. True enough, there were many tourists, both local and foreign which find this market interesting, with their local produce, food and delicacies. Amongst the many tourists, I found it amuzing to see surfer dudes, obviously enroute or back from the islands for a holiday, exploring and awing at the splendour if this market.

I personally love Kota Bahru. It has that small town charm. LOTS of delicious things to eat. Its laid back, people are friendly and it does not seem to be as conservative as many thought this state to be. As a common city folk, I felt completely comfortable, warm and welcomed there.

Must make another trip soon!

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