Saturday, February 07, 2009

Can't stop!

I can't stop looking at my blog la hihi... I just love the new background. I've been changing it almost everyday cos at the "Cutest Blog On the Block" site has just toooo many to choose from.

I think I will settle for this one. I like the colours and the pattern is not too busy. 

I just realise also that I need to slow down. I move to fast. Its either that or I got short attention span. I will stop to look at pictures, but I can't seem to slow down to read, or ponder or think things through properly. Of course at work is even worst! I am constantly floating  in cloud 9!

Yup, I need that break.


citykoos said...

ur blog is soo cute! hahah! u have to tell me how to do this!

and by the way, u are soo tagged!

Lin said...

ala senang je. Just click on the ad top left of this page and follow the instructions! Soooo many backgrounds to choose from.