Saturday, February 07, 2009

Dolly Kueh Teaw at Taiping

Dolly Kueh Teaw at Taiping, originally uploaded by Selinz.

Last weekend I followed my parents to Taiping to visit some family members.

Apparently a Dolly Kueh Teaw is famous in Taiping, so of course we had to stop by and try it!

They have the normal kueh teaw priced at RM4.50 and then the Kueh Teaw Special, priced at RM8.00. The difference, just a whole lot more prawns, chicken, kerang and taugeh. The normal one seems more plain. But what a price difference!

Verdict, not that great. The best kueh teaw I had so far is at RSGC.


Mariuca said...

Hi dear! Wow ur blog looks really nice now, I love this shade of green! :)

Mariuca said...

The kuey teow looks yum in the pic. FAM is still da best for us, but now that the old aunties are gone, the new version seems to taste less yummy. Lama dah tak makan FAM kt! ;)

Lin said...

I hv not been to FAM in ages too. I know the popiah there is nice too :)