Saturday, February 07, 2009


I so want to go to Bali. The last time, and only time I went to Bali was for my honeymoon 6 years ago. And this was just a few months after the bombing! We had already made all the bookings and malas nak cancel, so we went ahead anyway.

At that time, we stayed at Bali Masari. A gorgeous boutique hotel, with only 15 chalets, where each chalet had its own wading pool. Our chalet balcony opened to rolling hills where you can see farmers making their way to work on their rice fields. In the distance, you can hear traditional Balinese songs being practiced, perhaps for an evening performance somewhere. It was truly destressing and romantic.

As this hotel was somewhere near Ubud, we did not get a chance to explore much of Kuta, or the much famed cheap spas. So at that time, I did not go to any spas at all!! What a sin!

So this time, I want to experience those cheap spas, go clubbing, go shopping, get your manicure done at the beach.

I wanna goooooo!!!!

Now to go pujuk hubby to go Bali. I think Air Asia got cheap tickets no?  

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