Friday, February 06, 2009

Taking that break!

I've made my decision! I have decided to take unpaid leave! Yes I am! 

Yea, we're going to a financial crisis, not a good time to take off I must say, but SCREW it! I am exhausted, jaded and grumpy. Seriously am not a nice person to be with nowadays, at least in the office anyway.

I had a long chat with hubby on this, and he totally agree that I need time off. Money is a problem. I still have my bills to pay and my savings has to be allocated for a certain something else. No, not for a big shopping splurge or anything like that, but for a medical purposes.

So am scrambling to get more photography jobs, so I can sustain between 4 to 6 months without pay.

OK, now to break the news to the boss. Hehe not told him yet :P Don't even know if he approves it!

Fingers cross, next week I will tell him.

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