Thursday, February 05, 2009

Valentine's around the corner

Yup folks! Have you bought your presents yet? Or have you any clue what you are going to get?

I honestly have no idea. I’ve been married for 6 years, and I've run out of valentine present ideas. You don’t want cliché ones like perfume la, baju la, jam la…..

Usually on Valentine’s Day we don’t go out for dinner. I don’t believe in being exploited by restaurants just because of the supposed special occasion. Its customary that we cook at home. Usually, hubby will surprise me with dinner J He will ban me from the kitchen, which I do sneak a peek at the door and smell whatever’s cooking. We’d put out some candles, have some nice music on, and that’s it! A very romantic evening.

Maybe, this year I won’t get a gift. Maybe something that we both can do together. Am thinking…… maybe a spa treatment for two.

Good luck with your presents. Hopefully you get a good one.


citykoos said...

WO! tukar lagi.. hehe :D

dudae_simboyo said...


oh my god, good thing you remind me!!!


Lin said...

Citykoos: hehe can't decide la

Dudae: ha u better get something for ur wife.