Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A smile that makes your heart sing!

I took this picture almost a year ago! This little boy's name is Areef and he is ultra adorable!! Such a happy boy. Him and his sister were great to photograph and they sure enjoy getting their pictures taken.

Its so much fun to be out in the park in a portraiture session with children. Such joy to see their faces light up with excitement. Their parents add to the fun and they to have a blast.

Shot by Pitter Patter Images


floweRinthedesert said...

hey same template background! :) Cool! For a sec I thot something happened to my blog. ha ha

I see your business is booming dear. Must employ your services for a family picture album soon. I so want one of those coffee table albums! :)

Lin said...

haha sorry! Don't worry, i change template everyday. I can't seem to decide cos they are all cool!

Business is ok only la. Can't pay the bills. Let me know la when you want to do it. I will give you good price one. Family member discount!

floweRinthedesert said...

eh don't get me wrong. Tak kisah la if same background pun. But you're right, that website has loads of really cool backgrounds kan. :)

Yes memang nak have the photo session with you. I need some nice family shots for my family wall project. Plus the girls' birthdays are coming up, if their promises of good behaviour are kept, and we organise the birthday party for them, you'll be hearing from me, insylh! :)