Monday, February 16, 2009

Chef's Burger at City Golf, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Upon recommendation from Boolicious's food blog, I thought I further surprise hubby for lunch where you can get both his favourites! Golf, and burgers! 

Where? At City Golf, Bangsar Shopping Centre. Although its been open for business for over a year, its out first time there. They had a little cafe where you can order simple snacks while you whack away.

So, we ordered our burgers and a serving of onion rings. And my were they delicious! The large burger patty was juicy and the large grilled onion made it sweet. Together with the onion rings, it was a sinful lunch indeed. The fries was served with ketchup, chilli sauce and thai chilli sauce!

Sorry, the pictures are not that exciting as I was too excited to eat to take proper shots!

City Golf itself was impressive. They had 5 bays, each with a huge screen. The screens are large simulators where you get to choose which golf course to play. They can accomodate up to 8 players per screen. At RM100 off peak, one might want to maximise and make your money's worth! A very nice lady working there asked us if we would like to give it a try. We immediately jumped at the chance :)

She explained how to set up the game and let us play 2 holes. It almost definitely seem like playing in real life, including my appalling tee off distance and directions! Putting is a bit wierd and is nothing like the real thing at all. Its basically like a giant wii, but I think wii is more real, only you don't use real golf clubs and you need a BIG tv screen at home.

But still, its worth trying it at least once, both the golf and burger!


boo_licious said...

Hi Lin, glad you both enjoyed the burger and lucky you to get a spot of golf also.

Lin said...

We did thanks! The pizza there seem to look good too. Maybe next time we will try the pizza.