Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy V Day!

I had a great V day today! Weeeeeeeee :D


As planned I surprised hubby dearest to a spa treatment in the morning. He had no idea where we were going and thought that we were going to visit somebody at a house (the spa is at a house). After 3 hours of pampering, well parts of the massage was a bit painful, I took him for another surprise, lunch at City Golf, where apparently their burgers are to die for.


Reviews for both spa and lunch at City Golf to come soon J


Then for dinner, hubby took me for dinner at a fancy smancy Japanese restaurant at the Hilton KL Sentral. YUMMY! Frightfully expensive, but the food was gorgeous. You know, the place was FULL. You would have thought that at this economic climate people would be more careful with their spending. 

After dinner, we had coffee by the poolside and that was fun too. Lots of couples were mingling by the pool, enjoying the ambience and drinks.


Hope your day was as fun as mine ;)

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