Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eating at home

We eat out way too much. I almost never cook at home. I just don't have the time or energy. I've got everything I want in a kitchen, but I seldom use it. Infact, I think I did more cooking at my little apartment I used to live in in Ampang, where the kitchen only fits 3 people max no kidding!

In that little kitchen, I did lots of makan makan. I did an open house for Raya almost every year, buka puasa as well! I would invite my friends over and cook something.  Yes, I utilized my little kitchen to the max it can accomodate. It was so small, I could not even fit my fridge in it. I had to place my fridge in the dining room!

At my new place, I have  HUGE kitchen. But somehow, I do not make full use of it. Oh wait, I do do a little baking. And sometimes I make lasagne and pasta. OK la. But I don't cook meals as often as I should. And we all know that eating out costs a BOMB. Mind you, we don't go to uptown or places like that. Unfortunately we would go to places where we would spend RM70 -80 ringgit per meal almost every night!

So last weekend, as you can see in my previous post, I cooked. And we ate home both Saturday and Sunday. We figured by just eating home on weekends, we save RM200 per weekend. Thats RM800 per month! And that eating home only on weekends.

On Sunday I made some bolognaise sauce, something easy to reheat and quick so we could have it the following few days in the week. And yup, Monday and Tuesday, we ate home! So we saved another RM200. Only today we ate out with a bunch of friends. A Korean BBQ and Steamboat place at the Kerinchi Station.

So, am gona try and cook at least on weekends. Something simple. Save some money. After all, we are going through a Global Economic Crisis now! 

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