Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dinner with colleagues

I don't mean to sound boring, but I don't usually have dinner with my colleagues. Lunch yes, but after office hours, strictly no work people.

But last night, a few of us, decided to layan our glutton and decided to have a Korean Steamboat buffet at Kerinchi station at a restaurant called Soul Kitchen. There was 7 of us. All of us from different departments and seldom work together unless we are on similar projects.

I found it refreshing as almost for the first time, I got to know them better. Also refreshing, because I was with people whom I don't usually hang out with. You know, your usual bunch would talk about roughly the same thing, you can almost guest what they would find funny, and we would usually talk about what we are comfortable with. With a new crowd of people, the dynamics are different. And thats refreshing.

The food was good at Soul Kitchen.The BBQ stuff was great. They had beef, chicken, lamb marinated 3 different ways. They had stuff for steamboat, the usual variety of fishball and odd looking "fishball" stuff. And then they had seafood like prawns, clams, squid and fish. They even had dessert and a salad bar. Drinks was also free flowing. All that for RM43 per head.

We had a good laugh, enjoyed the food and each other's company. We decided to make this a monthly thing. We decided the next venue would be a buffet dinner with karaoke, which I guess Red Box would be great.

Yes, life throws interesting things at you when you are in your 30s. hehe.....

Gone were the clubbing days where a night out is the most exciting event of the week.

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