Saturday, February 21, 2009

Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical

My goodness what a fantastic musical. This is my second time watching this, the first was the first season. And I am still amazed and happy that Malaysia can produced such a fantastic musical.

Tiara Jacquelina definitely improved a lot from the first season. Her voice is so much stronger. I was close to tears during her duets with Stephen Rahman Hughes. Bayan (the Puteri's nanny) is a different person from the first season, and her voice is just amazing. AC Mizal and Adlin Aman Ramli were great, still going strong since the first season and so perfect for their roles. Little Raja Ahmad, played by a 6 year old Mohammad Afif/ Muhammad Haziq (they alternate) was so cute! Well done little dears.

The sets were fantastic! I think they have some new scenes which I did not remember or notice from the first season. There was a bit when the Puteri was sailing to Melaka, she was actually in an boat, with waves simulated with yards of white cloth. Does anybody remember this from the previous season? So cool! 

There were dramatic bits, sad bits, romantic bits, funny bits, grand bits, shocking bits...  the whole musical just tugs at your emotions and filled me with tears (I am a sucker for romantic stuff) at how the Princess and Hang Tuah expressed their love for each other.

The choreography was so good, the costumes, the singing, the dancing..... it was JUST FANTASTIC!!

I've heard that this will be the last season. Is it true? I could watch it every year. Heck I could watch it everyday!

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