Tuesday, March 10, 2009

D'lish, Bangsar Village

Yesterday after my photoshoot, I went to D'lish Bangsar Village for a very late lunch. As I was not in a mood for something too heavy, despite the fact that I was actually famished, I decided to try their all day breakfast.

They had the same breakfast set as La Bodega, but D'lish had more in their Big Breakfast set. It includes eggs (we get to choose how it should be done. I had mine poached), sauteed mushrooms (my fav!!), beef bacon (not a fan but its part of the menu, so had it anyway), hash browns, baked beans (really crap, was dry and seemed to be microwaved) and toast. It also comes with orange juice and choice of tea or coffee. All of that for only RM 19.80.

The poached eggs were done nicely, its yolk was nice and runny but not too raw, the sauteed mushrooms were nice, the beef bacon was too dry and hard, the hash browns were good, the baked beans (as mentioned above) was crap. Baked beans is a must for me when I have when I have any western breakfast, so the fact that it was crap was a total let down. The toast was two small pieces of very dry bread. Not impressed.

 Although it is very much cheaper than La Bodega's American Breakfast set, which only has a choice of 3 items, orange juice and coffee for a whopping RM 27. However, La Bodega has better quality stuff, and quite frankly, I'd go for quality anytime.


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