Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The shopoholic in me

This month, I am terribly broke. I had to pay for my car's road tax and insurance, which broke my bank account and also my flight tix to Melbourne. Yes, am dead broke. I've not been eating out of the office the past week, I brought sandwhiches from home, and my latest craze, Butterscotch bread from Gardenia. It is SO sedap. It is sold out as soon as it reaches supermarket shelves. I manage to get mine at an obscure little convenience store at Damansara Uptown.

Although I am broke, I still can't resist the urge to stroll into shops just to take a peak at the latest spring collection. Of course, I do pay my pilgrimage to my all time favourite fashion retail, Zara. Since I will be going to Melbourne next week, and apparently it will be quite chilly then, I wondered if Zara had some nice spring jackets. It was not long before I spotted a super cool one. Priced at RM429, it was a little steep for me, but never too steep for Zara. It was like a mini trench coat, its beige and ultra sexy. I reasoned with myself, this jacket can be used on holidays as well as business trips, where light jackets are necessary.

Despite myself, I actually refrained myself from purchasing it. 

That was 2 days ago. Today, I took a stroll, this time at Zara at One Utama as it was a bigger store than the one at KLCC.  I spotted another jacket, similar to the one I described earlier. The material is a bit different, but nevertheless still very chic and light for spring. I decided that it did not wow me as much as the previous one. And then I saw this gorgeous floral tube dress. Red with little flowers. Price tag was RM 199, exorbitant for a cotton dress. I know I can get one similar at Cats Whiskers. I decided to try it on anyway. Since I was heading to the changing room, I also picked up a blue stripy dress. Price tag was RM249. Why oh why are Zara dresses so expensive! I tried both on. My goodness they are gorgeous!! I loved them both! I've actually never purchased a dress that cost more than RM100. I usually get them at the fleamarket or Cats Whiskers. I wondered how a similar dress but at a high end store would feel, boy did they feel good.

OK I refrained myself again for purchasing both. I thought I pay Cat Whiskers a visit before I make my decision. So to pacify myself, I bought a stripy 3 quarter sleeved Zara top. Price: RM69.90.

Yes I do have a will power after all. 


Anonymous said...

oh Lin, I am very bad at shopping too. In the sense that, I love too many nice things. so, when I am broke, I just don't go to the shops. I look in magazines. sometimes, I con myself by being in denial (internet shopping or shopping for milla).

it is terrible.

by the way, we have to plan, how you would deliver the goodies to me tomorrow/saturday.

love, nina
p.s it is ok to spoil yourself once in a while...
p.p.s where is cats whiskers, do they do cute dresses without breaking the bank?

Lin said...

Hehe I do that too. I'd browse through magazines, its a different type of retail therapy. It does work sometimes.

I do agree, we must spoil ourselves once in a while. I've sent you Cats Whiskers website through email. They have online shopping too!