Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Lazy Saturday

Hubby is away for the weekend, so I had my usual lazy, wake up late Saturday. On days like this, I like going to the Curve to get a brunch, by myself, and perhaps a book. Its my ME time. My usual haunt is the Dome. And I would have the same thing. Tuna wrap and a cup of long black with milk.

So after I got up, took my time to shower and get dressed, I headed for the Curve. I thought of doing something different, like have pancakes at the House of Pancakes, but I am so bounded by routine, so I stuck to the plan, tuna wrap at the Dome.

So I grabbed a comfortable spot, chose some magazines, and looked at the menu. I decided to be slightly different, instead of having a wrap, I decided to have my tuna with turkish bread. I toyed with a latte or cappuccino, but decided to stick to the long black.

The tuna in turkish bread turned out larger than the tuna wrap. So I guess if you want value for money, go for the bread! My biggest favourite in this, is the tomato chutney. It is sweet and it it just goes so well with the tuna. I usually ask for extras! I think the wrap tastes better than the bread. As I snapped this picture with my SLR, I actually got told off my the restaurant manager!! He asked what the picture was for. Well, I said, the picture is for myself! Sheesh! He was concerned that I would put it in a magazine or something, as if I am that lucky! I wonder if posting it in a blog counts for the same?

The fleamarket just outside Dome was already up, I debated if I should check it out as it was SO hot! With the shopoholic in me screaming "just wanna take a peek", I decided to take a stroll. Luckily, the heat prevented me from taking a too close a look, so I walked away with no money spent :) Hooray for me hehe.. 

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