Sunday, April 05, 2009

Terribly busy

Yes I am!

I just came back from Melbourne a few days back. My god, I can so move there. Pictures will be posted soon, as soon as I get a new modem. It got fried in a thunderstorm while I was away. Right now I am "stealing" my neighbour's wifi connection!

Besides work, I've also been busy promoting Pitter Patter Images. So far, responds has been good and I've been lots of enquiries from outside KL i.e Kuantan, Penang and Johor. I am a bit apprehensive travelling for Pitter Patter just yet, but heck, one can't turn down business right! So hopefully I get some confirmed appointments.

Appraisal is done. Ratings are not too bad, just hoping for the best. I've pretty confirmed that I will be going for my no pay leave effective June. I can't wait for that! I will be taking only 3 months off, I dare not take more than that for fear that I might get bored and obviously out of money.

OK, hopefully my next post will be more of Melbourne. 



Anonymous said...

hey Lin, how are you? It is great stuff - that you will be doing more work for Pitter Patter. Excellent.
3 months off will fly by you and certainly you will have a fab time doing something else. You are an artist afterall. Looking forward to melbourne tales.

Love. nina
p.s Hopefully Milla's photos will help boost your portfolio/work opportunities too! Everyone who had seen them loved them!

Lin said...

Hi Nina! Many thanks. I do hope Pitter Patter takes off. So that I have options, either to buy gorgeous handbags with the extra money, or give up my job and do it full time haha!