Sunday, May 10, 2009

Handbags, handbags and more bags!!

Phew! moi have been busy today de-cluttering her wardrobe and more specifically, her handbags! Dam I've got far too many. To make things worst, I forget what I have! So in order to make room for more bags, *cough* I mean, to fully utilize what I have, I have to organize all my bags so that they are visible to me, hence I know they exist :)

So the ones I don't use anymore, I give away. Those I get free, eg pouches I get from the airlines, I give to my maid. Those yang mahal sikit, eg I give my sis, aunt, SIL etc.... Those yang  I sayang but rarely use, I kiasu and keep it anyway :)

Happy Mothers Day to all those yummy mummies!

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