Saturday, May 09, 2009

Scones with fresh cream and jam @ Delicious

I paid Delicious @ Dua Apartments a visit a few weeks back for the first time. I had heard lots about it and was curious. It was a really nice and cosy place. It is on the first floor where the ground floor is a convenience store for the Dua Apartments. 

I ordered the scones with cream and jam, and of course to gel it together, I had my usual long black with milk. I usually have my scones at Teapot at SS2, but as parking there is a nightmare, I don't go as often as I would like to. So these scones are not too bad, though I prefer them with strawberry jam rather than raspberry jam.

The atmosphere was cosy, the interior is very pleasant. It gives you a feeling of being in a "fairyland" garden.  Parking is easy peasy, right at the bottom of the restaurant. I'd definitely go there again.

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