Friday, May 08, 2009

The Mebourne Story - The City of Melbourne and Brighton Beach, Melbourne Zoo and Melbourne Aquarium

Ok here is another series of pictures from Melbourne. I do try and write as much as I can about the places I see, rather than just leave it to the pictures to tell their own story :)

This is the St. Paul's Cathedral. It is a popular tourist destination and it is located right at the heart of Melbourne City, near the Findel Street train station. I love any kind of places of worship. They usually have a very peaceful and serene atmosphere. Outside the cathedral, people love to sit on the grass in the sun and have their lunch. On weekends, even during my short stay, I noticed the cathedral is usually busy with weddings.
Flinders Street station. It is a big yellow building and very busy. It reminds me of Kings Cross station in London. I did not get to go into the station to have a look as you a ticket to get inside. But on the outside of the station there are lots of stalls where you can get a quick bite to eat. Amongst those who caught my attention was that they had sushi ( not bad and quite yummy!) and bon bons (my first time having these. It had a hard pastry type shell with chocolate or custard filling. The shell is also dipped in chocolate. YUMMY! Sorry no picture of this, was busy eating it!)

On the Yarra River. I spent quite a bit of time walking along this river. I just LOVED it so much. Even during the day, there are people jogging, walking their dogs, rowing in the river, and basically just chilling having lunch or reading a book. After I've walked long enough, one evening I decided to do just what the Aussies do. Get a book, oh and also ice - cream, and I sat on the grass and just relaxed. Such BLISS! Also, I did grab the chance to go on their river cruise. Its about an hour and a half ride along the river. They served tea and biscuits onboard and there was a commentary, conducted by a very whitty guy. 

Another picture of the city from the river.

And here's another. 

I just LOVE Brighton Beach and these colourful sandboxes. Apparently each box is privately owned and its like a store room for their "junk". Hopefully they are beach things :) I've also been told that people are not allowed to build anymore of these boxes, the ones here are kinda like a heritage thing. 

I also paid a visit to the Melbourne Aquarium. Its quite like our Aquaria at KLCC. The Emperor Penguins are a latest edition at the aquarium. They are very tall, half the height of an adult and very majestic. Its coat is very shiny and almost waxy. 

They had sea horses that looked like a seaweed.

Guess what this is! Give up? Its a shark's egg!! Looks like a torpedo doesn't it. It looks sharp and brittle, but it really is very soft. Kinda like a membrane, almost like jelly. I've never seen anything like it. 

They also had a huge aquarium where the fishes swim around and above us. They had sharks, turtles, stingrays and a whole lot of fish!

It was beautiful. We get to sit and just watch the fishes swim all around us. It was like a being in the water, but without getting wet. 

A giant stingray! You can see his smiley face and a pair of eyes. They really were huge. Looked like at least one meter wide! There was a note on the aquarium saying that what we see is 1/3 of the actual size due to the distortion from the glass. The stingray must be a whole lot bigger then!

I also went to the Melbourne Zoo. And what do we see? .... Kangaroos of course!

They also had lions. It was a HUGE enclosure, with a canopy walk where visitors walk above the enclosure. 

They had this interesting flower called the Blood Lilies. They grow right out of the grown. 


More in the next post, Great Oceon Road! Stay tuned!


Angelita Atractivo said...

by any chance any of these pix taken on a LOMO camera? =)

Lin said...

No. The vignetting was as a result of post processing. Thank you for visiting!