Monday, May 25, 2009

Lets go GREEN!

Of late, I began to realise that, when I go grocery shopping, or when I come back from the market, I accumulate a LOT of plastic bags. I mean, to the point where I think it is ridiculous! Yes we need something to carry our shopping home, but its not environmental friendly.

As we know it, plastic bags are NOT biodegradable. The Company which I work for has made the vain attempt of making biodegradable garbage bags, but apparently, it is not taking off too well. Partly because they export it, who else would pay a premium for plastic bags. Unfortunately, export markets are slowly turning to reusable bags!

Its not a new thing. I'm sure we've seen them before. Cold Storage sells them, they are bright green and goes for RM3.90. I proudly bought one and used it when I bought some groceries once :) (pat* pat* on my back:) ) I also use it when I go to the market. I put the dry stuff in eg vegs, spices, beras etc.... Then when I did my bag de-cluttering exercise the other day I discovered that I had LOADS of these reusable bags. I get them free or they were given as gift bags. I got one from San Francisco Coffee( my fav breakfast place), Astro, and the souvenir bags I got from Gold Coat Australia is of the same material! So there you go, no excuses to use them!
So now, I put them all in the boot of my car, just incase I got to do some shopping. 

However, the are quite large and cumbersome, and you do end up forgetting to use them, when you do an impulse purchase. What you need is one that folds into a tiny pouch that you can put in your handbag. Believe it or not, I thought it was a good idea for a business venture. I really wanted to promote reusable bags and "Stop Using Plastic Bags". I was excited, and surfed the net for suppliers. Little did I know, other people were catching on fast with this idea! I was in Isetan one day and they had adorable colourful ones! So adorable, and so many choices that I took a good half an hour deciding which one I wanted to get! They fold into little cute pouches small enough to fit in your smallest handbag. So there you go, if you have a business idea, you got to be quick and get it to market!

So fellow bloggers, lets save the environment, STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS. Go for reusable ones instead :)

Have a good week ahead.

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