Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What do you think?

.. of my new watermark/ branding concept? I like it. Makes the image look professional :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Selina. It is nice!

Just noticing that you are expanding your business to include other types of photography too, so perhaps the name 'Pitter Patter' might be limiting to a certain group/segment of your target customers.

have you thought of another name as an imprint where you can stretch your business concept better?

ha ha sorry for the unsolicited thought. just thought, it might be quite a nice point to ponder on.

Love, Nina

Lin said...

You are exactly right Nina! I thought about it for the longest time. I chose pitter patter at first because children's photography was what I intended. Then when I wanted to do more, I was stuck with that name, and ppl seem to know it already. I really toyed on the idea of changing it. But since most of my biz now is still on children, the pressure of changing the name is not so strong yet.

But you are right, I need a more "general" name. I experimented with my name by alas.... my name does not seem commercially appealing haha!

Any ideas? From another person's point of view? Cos I am lost of ideas.

Anonymous said...


you can have an imprint - for example (this is a stupid example but it is one at least) 'Click' which is a different brand of the same company. Keep Pitter Patter for your kids business and have another one (a bit more corporate for other use - functions, brochures, presentations, annual reports etc etc etc or whatever else you want to do). The other brand would have a different target segment and shall work for that market, as an identifiable name which they/the purpose can relate to.

My two cents.

Love, Nina

Lin said...

Great idea Nina! Yes another name for more corporate jobs. I even googled "How to name your photography Biz" and apparently, I should be using my name because I am selling myself and my work.

So, its either I go for Selina Photography (boring!) or I glam up my name hihi

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

what about sally:)?
ha ha ha

May be you can just abbreviate your name like SZ photos or Sel Clicks or the likes:)

Hmmm. let me think if I can be more constructive.