Wednesday, October 21, 2009

19 weeks pregnant!

During my last check up, the doctor told me that I will be feeling the baby move in about 2 weeks time. Honestly, I think I am feeling something already! Its not obvious, but its like tiny bubbles popping in my lower belly. Sometimes, its just "movement". But one thing is for sure, my stomach muscles are aching. Somedays, I feel like I need a good stretch, somedays its ok. Also, somedays, my tummy is bigger than others! And I really feel my skin stretch and it is sometimes really uncomfortable.

To date, we have not purchased anything for the baby yet, though I am dying to. We went to start with furniture, so that when I do by some clothes or small items, I have a place to store them. Excited!

We have been going to DSH to see Dr. Guna. The original plan was to do my prenatal check ups at Prince Court Medical Centre. However, because hubby and I like Dr. Guna, we decided to go to DSH for our checks despite the horrible parking situation, the dingy and almost run down hospital facilities, and I think his nurse is incredibly rude too.

After talking to lots of my friends who has delivered at PCMC, I've decided that I want to deliver there. The reason? LOTS. Apparently the labour room is real comfy, the facilities are brand new, the food is great, the doctors are good, the cafeteria food is good (good for hubby) and parking is easy. The downside of PCMC is that its quite a distance from my house and I heard the nursing care is not that great. Its obvious the pros out weighs the cons... no?

So after discussing with hubby, we think that we'll start seeing Dr. Suniza at PCMC at my third trimester. I wonder how I will break this news to Dr. Guna??

Other things happening at 19 weeks, hubby has been craving for all sorts of things. Me, no cravings at all. Oh but I've been craving for fruits! Yes, nice and healthy. Thank goodness. 

At my new workplace, there aren't many choices of places to eat. So half the time I bring food from home. VERY economical and certainly very healthy. Somehow I do not miss the convenience of getting whatever I want to eat at my old work place. 10 years is enough to make me sick of everything.

With my lower stress levels, I am so happy and just feeling just fine. For once, I am focused on life... my own life, my own family's well being and my husband's well being. Not work, not career and certainly not about where will I be in the next 5 years. Its a strange, surreal, peaceful feeling. 


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