Tuesday, October 20, 2009


At the beginning of my pregnancy I thought of keeping a scrap booking, which will house all the baby scans etc. So I went around to scrap bookstores and they had so many things to make a scrap book! Too many if you ask me! Where do I even start. They have stickers of all sorts, page designs of all sorts, buttons, flowers, things that pop up. Then they have equipment to make all those wonderful pages in your scrapbook. Cutters, scissors, glues and things I don't recognize or know what they are for. I never knew scrap booking was such a big business.

After browsing a few stores in the PJ, I gave up. I could not even pick out the album to begin with. And I thought carefully, I am not much of a “physical copy” type of person. I’m a more internet kind of person. So I thought I’d document whatever I need on my blog via the “Pregnancy” category.

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