Monday, October 19, 2009

5th month visit to the Doctor

Last week we had a check up with the Dr and everything was fine. I get really paranoid and wish I could see the Dr every 2 weeks instead of once a month!

I love seeing baby all nice and cosy in my tummy. Baby was rather quiet this time. The last time it was busy moving its hands around, punching and turning! It was so amazing. Such a little thing can do so much!

The Dr says that I will be feeling the baby move in about 2 weeks. But I am feeling all sorts of things already! It could be my imagination though. I feel like bubbles moving and sometimes even a kick! I also feel some sort of movement when hubby presses his face to my tummy and talks to the baby!

I have gained 5 kgs so far at end 18 weeks. That's officially going into my 5th month. That's not too bad I think. Right now I am more cautious with what I eat and make sure I eat healthy stuff. More milk for calcium and more fruits for all those good stuff we get from fruits. Of course not forgetting the carbs, but less coconut milk and fried stuff. I know we should just enjoy pregnancy and eat away, but I really don't want to have too much weight to lose at the end! And I do have problems losing weight.

As where fashion is concerned, I am still not buying maternity clothes just yet. Only bottoms like jeans and working pants and shorts are maternity, but stops and dresses, I am just buying a size bigger. I am after all, vain!

Also worth mentioning to celebrate our pregnancy and early anniversary we are going for a holiday in Bali! 2 nights at the Grand Hyatt and 2 nights at the YTL Spa Village Tembok Bali! Can’t wait!!

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