Monday, October 19, 2009

Holiday in Bali!

Call it our second honeymoon, then again we go for our honeymoon every year since we got married in 2002 :) So since we went for our real honeymoon when we got married to Bali, we decided to celebrate our pregnancy there too!

First two nights will be spent at the Grand Hyatt Bali at Nusa Dua and then another 2 nights at the Spa Village Tembok Bali. What a luxurious holiday! What the heck, right. After the baby comes, who knows when our next holiday will be.

When we went for our (first) honeymoon to Bali, it was just after the first bombing at Kuta. About 5 months after the bombing if I am not mistaken. It was too late to make any changes due to peak period so we decided to go ahead. As there were not many holiday makers at that time after the bombing, Bali was suffering economically as a result. The locals replies heavily from tourists for their income and well being. There were many desperate vendors who harassed us to buy their goods. Souvenir shops did not have that many interesting things to buy either as they never replenished their stock. So it was a rather uneventful honeymoon. Also as it was just after our wedding, we were dead broke and on a shoe string budget. Hopefully this trip will be better :)

Bali here we come! Counting down now! Pictures will definitely be posted!

Spa Village Tembok Bali

Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Bali

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