Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My choice of poison...

Is coffee. I don't drink a lot of it, but I must have a cup at the start of the day. Otherwise, I would be completely spaced out and would not be able to start the day properly.

When I was working at KLCC, I would get my coffee at San Francisco coffee every morning! I have already countless of times redeeem my loyalty card, every 10 stamps one free coffee any size and flavour. Their breakfast is yummy too. So on average, I spend almost RM15 everyday on breakfast!

So I considered getting my own coffee machine. It is not that expensive. The idea came about when a friend was explaining over dinner that they bought a coffee machine from Australia for hardly RM200! Even if it is AUS200 it's still cheap. I checked out Best Denki and they have some for under Rm1000. Its really an espreso machine with a milk steamer. The expensive ones which costs more than a few thousand RMs are coffee machines, where everything is automatic. One push of a button and you get cuppucino, latte etc.

I also found out that the quality of the espresso is not only in the coffee beans, but also the coffee machine. I don't know why or how, so now the question is, what is a good brand to get? I know that the steamer should be at least 15 bar. Most of the machines at Best Denki is 15 bars so thats no problem.

Maybe I need to research some more or maybe ask some restaurant owners their opinion.

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