Monday, October 26, 2009

On organizational improvement

Once in a while I do like to write a serious post. So here goes…

For once I start off Monday morning happy and not stressed. I was a bit nervous and apprehensive about this move in the beginning, although in theory I know its good for me, exposure and development wise, but from my previous experience of a horrifying political environment, my guards are up when it comes to change.

Working for a world leading chemical company sure is different and there are lots to learn from them. Being in a different company also makes you realize, The Company should not boast being all that great. Learning and improving is a continuous process and one should never overlook that.

I would admit that The Company, business wise, it is sound, robust and aggressive. It makes good and bad decisions like any other company/ company leaders would.

Where The Company has failed, is its manpower planning. Management of talent is of prime importance. There are great talents within the company. They very capable, knowledgeable, strong in stamina, has drive and most of all loyalty. However much one put in, one usually expects some sort of appreciation. No matter how small, or how insignificant. This is one of the important human elements that The Company takes for granted. I’ve had many discussions with people who have left The Company, mostly supposedly seeking greener pastures. In my personal opinion, they are probably seeking some peace of mind. A place where they can conductively and constructively perform and contribute. Many of them had cited that its not that they want to leave, they are “forced” to leave due to the unbearable working environment.

I also had previously contemplated leaving, however instincts told me to hang on, although I was under a lot of stress and was very unhappy. I had a feeling that I should think it through. One might think, why put into so much thought into this? Why put so much hope or all your eggs into this (organization) basket? Well, there is a lot to lose. One thing this (messed up) organization can offer is job security. And its package is quite lucrative. It is even more lucrative for this who are lucky enough to ride the upside of the wave. The high flyers.

So, what is the downside? It is unbearable politics. I know politics are present in many if not all organizations. But if you intend to stay for the long haul, this disturbing work environment gets to you personally. The other is lack of appreciation and poor job fit. Good talents are placed in the wrong places where they are unhappy but forced to perform. The other thing is that the organization is forced to take its many scholars back into the workforce. This has lead to over staff and poor utilization of manpower.

Now with current drastic measures on cutting down of manpower, the organization is in chaos, as implementation was poor and drastic. People are taking desperate measures to survive, acting on personal interest rather than for the company.

I hope resolutions are found.

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