Tuesday, October 27, 2009

20 weeks pregnant!

I’ve made it to the halfway mark!

How do I feel? I still feel great! I am actually feeling heavier. I can feel myself needing to “heave” myself up the stairs, although I’ve only gained 6kgs. I really should be doing more exercise but in the evenings I just want to go home and relax infront of the TV. I’ve not been to my yoga classes since last 2 weeks because I find that I get very tired after that when I come home. I hope to resume soon. The other solution is to get a yoga DVD and do it at the comfort of my own home!

I can feel a “flutter” in my tummy now, although the doctor told me that I won’t be feeling anything until a week later. But we can’t feel any movement from outside the tummy because when hubby puts his hand on my belly, he can’t feel anything although I can.

I finally bought a whole lot of furniture from Ikea for the nursery. This includes a chest of drawers, a changing station and a storage shelf. We will be getting the cot at Baby Jaya because the quality seems a whole lot better. We wanted to get the one at Mothercare, but its just too expensive and the bedding has to be bought at Mothercare only due to the size of the mattress. It is almost 3 inches larger than the usual ones.

I am taking time to relax and enjoy my quiet time as I know when the baby comes, I won’t be getting much of it.

Appetite wise, I don’t feel any hungrier than I usually do. I don’t have any cravings either! I find that I can’t eat that much because small amounts makes me so full that I feel like throwing up.

We’ve also registered for our prenatal class at PCMC. Can’t wait to go!

So all in all, everything is going well. Hopefully this continues til the baby comes.


Drama Queen said...

so nice... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi lin,

I've been reading your blog since ermm forever!! I turned my back for a while and voila!! u're pregnant!!! CONGRATS!! CONGRATSS!! So happy for you...

At the risk of sounding like a moron (because during my 2 pregnancies, i did nothing but whining) am gonna say it anyways:

Enjoy and cherish every moment...

PS: have fun @ the prenatal class....


Lin said...

Thanks Drama Queen!

Flowerella: Thanks very much! I did not know anybody ever reads my blog as I seldom get comments. But thanks for visiting!