Thursday, October 01, 2009

A total change

Today is the first day of my new job. It is my first time working outside the twin towers since I graduated imagine that! I've been at the Twin Towers for 11 years now and I definitely feel suffocated. It was getting too much for me.

The dept that I was in was equally suffocating with ambitious, power hunger people creating a less than ideal working environment. This fiscal year alone we saw 2 resignations and one termination. If I had not gotten this transfer, my resignation would have been the 4th. At my small dept, this rate of attrition is a big deal. I often came home stressed, worked up, depressed, demoralised, low self-esteemed and not a very happy bunny. Since it took me so long to get pregnant, and now finally I am, it was not conducive for my pregnancy or my poor hubby who has to hear me rant, grunt and cry all the time. Enough is enough and my family comes first.

My new work place is a joint venture company which I have been working with. Gaining insider contacts, I managed to get a secondment. I wanted to experience a different work environment and I believe this German run company should definitely be different and a whole new experience.

Already on the first day, I feel quite a bit of a culture shock. Simple things like getting something to eat was different. Previously KLCC had everything I need, definitely plenty of shops, now at Bukit Jelutong, right in the middle of an industrial area, catching a bite can be challenging. Indeed I have been spoilt. Also there will be no more retail therapy (save money!), easy access to facial, a quick trim of hair and perhaps even a manicure.

Life would definitely be different. I dare not foresee if I will like this new life or not. Fortunately, since I did not resign, I get to go back to my original life. Indeed, I am spoilt. Sometimes I don't realise the little things I have, the options I get to choose from. I take things for granted. Perhaps now, I learn to count my blessings. A change is perhaps what is required to do just that.

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