Friday, October 02, 2009

Keeping fit

I was keen to start exercising as soon as I the doctor gave me the go ahead and that everything is safe. At the end of my first trimester, my doctor gave me the thumbs up and I was ready to begin my regime. Basically he said that I could do anything I want as long as I’ve done it before.

Before I became pregnant, I did quite a bit of exercise. I was a member of Fitness First (I’ve terminated my membership now as it is too expensive! And I was not going regularly anyway). I was a fan of classes, not so much of machines. I favourites were RPM, Body Pump and Body Balance. I used to go at least twice a week, at which that time I was super fit. Eventually it sizzled to once a week. But I kept up with it and was a member of FF for 4 years! That's not bad! Besides that I also played a fair bit of golf.

So I asked the doctor if I could still pump weights. He said yes, as long as I don't work out my abs. I asked about golf and surprise surprise he said yes! I was so excited!

But no I did not do any of the above, I decided to go for pregnancy yoga at Fit For 2. I absolutely LOVE their set up. I love how their center is so cosy. They also serve coffee and cake and some simple meals. They had fun classes for pregnant moms, moms and moms and babies! Yes you get to work out with your baby! For classes for moms only, the dad who minds the baby gets free coffee and muffin! Isn’t that cute!

So I went for my first class last Tuesday. I was not sure what to expect. It was the pregnancy fit ball class. Basically it involved bouncing on those large rubber balls, stretching and moves that are simple but does increase the heartrate. I was quite surprised. It was quite a workout! The next day my thigh muscles actually ached. I really enjoyed it and it felt special because the class was specially for preggy moms. The class had students from a various stages of pregnancy, from 15 weeks to 39 weeks!

I can’t wait to go again next week :)

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