Friday, November 20, 2009

23 weeks!

How am I feeling? Fantastic still!

We just came back from our pre- baby holiday at Bali and it was a blast. I did everything that I would normally do, but with less stamina. I am getting heavy! We went swimming in the pool, a stroll on the beach (I generally don't like swimming in the sea), even went on a sunset cruise in a small traditional Balinese boat and explored temples and art markets. Surprisingly, I coped well with all these activities except for the ones involving lots of walking.

Cravings: Mostly stuff with chocolate

Skin: No breakouts. Infact, it is nice and manageable. Thank god!

Swelling at ankles/ calves: None

Appetite: Nothing unusual yet

Fetal movement: More frequent! Infact, I can see it on my belly! Unfortunately hubby Is not able to feel baby move just yet when he puts his hand on my tummy.

Others: My eye sight is getting worst! I read in a "What to expect when you are expecting", apparently ones eye sight can deteriorate during pregnancy but should get back to normal once the baby is delivered. I have a pair of glasses for work, mostly for looking at slide presentations and the pc screen ( I am short sighted), but now I can't do without my glasses. The other day at the airport coming home from Bali, I could not read the signs or see people's faces clearly. Very worrying! I am not used to having glasses on my face.

I can still wear some of my regular tops. Have not bought any maternity tops yet.

We have not bought anything else apart from the nursery furniture. As Baby Jaya is on sale, we are planning to get our cot this weekend.

As for strollers, we initially thought we wanted a Quinny Zap or Buzz. But after fiddling with it, I decided that I could not fold the stroller without huffing, puffing and grunting! Its too hard for me. Finally we tried the Peg Perego. Easy Peasy!!! It's the "umbrella" style stroller, where you just need to unlock and pull and that's it! All folded. Its shorter than my golf bag, so it fits in my tiny car boot nicely. It also comes in funky apple green and bright orange colours.

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