Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend fun

What a fun weekend! It started off with a karaoke/ birthday do with my monthly makan geng. For some reason the karaoke was held at Redbox the Curve rather than Pavillion as most of the gang is at KL, only me in PJ. Maybe it was fully booked. So needless to say, the poor souls had to battle the Friday evening traffic, while I arrived nice and early and waited by myself for about an hour before hubby turned up. Did I sing by myself while waiting? Heavens no! I may like karaoke, but am crap at picking the songs I want to sing. Besides I did not want to sing myself, so I ate while waiting for the rest to arrive.

The birthday boy arrived soon after (who did not guess that we were celebrating his birthday as it was a surprise). Then everyone trickled in slowly. We had to vacate the room my 9.30pm, where most of us tak puas nyanyi, so continued our "performance" at the snooker place at Cineleisure where there were little rooms for karaoke too. Its almost like a phone box but apparently the gang did not mind. They wanted to sing summore! And it was hilarious! Some of us played pool outside some sang inside, some just took turns playing pool and then singing. It was fun! Must most definitely do it again.

Saturday morning was spent at the Pureen warehouse sale where I bought all the baby toiletries I needed. Since we had bought nothing so far, so the warehouse sale was appropriate. They had everything in out checklist. I had no idea if the stuff I bought was far cheaper compared to other places but I suppose if it is a warehouse sale, must be cheaper right? There were TONS of people and it baffles me why people bring their newborns with them, some in strollers some being carried, to a warehouse sale. Its insane. The blessing was that it was a cloudy day and the air was surprisingly cool so it was less suffocating in the tent set up outside the facility. Diapers were apparently cheap, the mid range costing 24 sen per piece and high end costing 50sen per piece, where I assume is cheap because people were stocking like there was going to be a state of emergency tomorrow. So I did likewise, but only bought enough for a month as  I was not sure if the brand was suitable for baby. Again, first born = clueless.

Sunday was also spent buying baby stuff, this time clothes. I dragged my mom with my and we bought some stuff at Mothercare as well as Anakku. Those who are cost conscious, don't assume straight away that Mothercare costs a bomb. I bought a pack of newborn romper suit for RM95 for a pack of 7. That works out to be RM13 per pair. I went to Anakku looking for a bargain and guess what, their sale item was RM11 per pair and the quality is by far very different from Mothercare! One might argue in so many ways but price vs quality, already we can see which one is more worthwhile.

So at 6 months preggers, I am still doing stuff like I usually do, but with less stamina. I do get an earful from people saying I should not be doing this or that, or eat this or that. It is annoying but I am sure people mean well. I am a paranoid person and I would usually check with the doctor first before hand eg getting massages and eating half boiled eggs. If the doc says its ok, then I will be comfortable doing it. Otherwise, I would of course refrain.

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