Monday, November 30, 2009

24 weeks

I am beginning to feel the weight now! There seem to be a drastic difference between the 5th month and 6th month. Size wise and weight wise. I feel like I am waddling and my feet hurt when I walk. I don't seem to notice any kind of swelling on my ankles or anywhere, but I've definitely accumulated some fat on the thigh area. I can't walk for long, I need to take breaks in between especially at shopping malls. I need to sit down very often. Getting in and out of a chair is quite difficult too. I also get out of breath quickly. I definitely need to get back to my prenatal exercise class to boost my fitness level!

Appetite has increased slightly I think. Food seem more appetizing. I am still craving for chocolate sundaes a lot. I can still wear my regular clothes (but is noticeably getting more snug) with the exception of bottoms where I wear maternity ones.

I've been going to lots of baby stores and can't seem to stop buying clothes! I just simply can't resist. Of course lots of people tell me babies will grow out of their clothes quickly, but I can't help it :)  It is after all our first born.

We finally got the cot installed. Hubby assembled it himself and only took him about 45 mins. "only 8 screws" according to the friendly guy at the shop. It did get hubby huffing and puffing putting it together LOL!!

Overall I am enjoying pregnancy tremendously. It is probably the happiest moments in my life. Everything just seem to feel "complete".

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