Friday, November 06, 2009

FB obsessions

So we all know that the latest obsession is Facebook. And also the latest obsession in Facebook is Farmville. And yes I am a part of all of that obsession.

I noticed a whole lot of people farming from their status updates. I for one have no patients to play FB games. Games like scrabble which was a big hit did not stir any interest either. But since LOADS of people were playing FV, I thought I give it a shot. And I was HOOKED soon after. I now have a cool estate sized farm with a barn, a quaint little cottage and a farm house.

Then came the next obsession Cafe World! Again I was curious cos everyone was playing it. Now I am hooked too! Though my cafe is still very small, it is a cosy little diner :)

Now I am trying to figure out how to print screen on the mac so I cam post some pictures of them!

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