Thursday, November 05, 2009

21 weeks!

Its 21 weeks this week! Time flies, but it feels darn slow for me. One more week til the end of the 5th month of pregnancy.

So how have I been feeling? Overall, great! Very happy and excited with what's to come. Looking forward to a brand new life.

My back is beginning to ache though. And I am started to FEEL heavy, especially when I am going up the stairs. My knees feel swollen why I try to squat and I think my calves are looking thicker than they usually are. My tummy don't seem to be that much bigger, then again it is different everyday. Sometimes I feel like its really huge, sometimes I wonder why it is so small.

I can feel the baby move! It feels like flutters in my tummy. Sometimes I feel tiny poking. Especially after I eat. Its so much fun. I wish I could feel more of it though. I wish hubby can feel it too. Right now I can only feel it on the inside, but not from the outside.

As for cravings, I have not craved for anything in particular yet. So far, I do feel some cravings for watermelons and oranges! Thank goodness for a healthy craving! I also do look for chocolate fudge sundae from Mc Donalds as well as brownie ice-cream from American Chilli's which I did not get to have yet. My appetite has not increased much. I am still eating the usual amount. I am liberal with my carbs, but I am conscious about empty calories and high fat stuff like deep fried food and things that is cooked with lots of oil and coconut milk.

I am still at one cup of coffee a day and lots of clear liquid. Not much juice or anything like that. And I do take my pre-natal supplements at night.

I am yet to take more tummy shots!! I took some at the beginning of month 5, where there was actually a more prominent bump. I MUST make it a point to take one every month from now on! OK, I did manage to get some during the first trimester, though not periodically.

I still have not gotten any baby stuff yet apart from the nursery furniture. I've got to get cracking on that one too or else I will have too much to buy towards the end. We still have not decided on what stroller to get but we have narrowed it down to a quinny. Its either a zap or a buzz. But whichever it is, the cabrio fix has to come first so we can take baby home in the car :) How exciting!!

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