Friday, December 04, 2009

25 weeks

I am really beginning to feel the weight of the pregnancy now. I feel tired, my body is aching (especially my back and my ankles when I walk too much) and my tummy feels HUGE. And I am only 6 months!

I started going back to my pregnancy yoga classes as my muscles were really sore. And it sure helps! I feel SO much better after the class. The last time I went for the class was when I was 15 weeks pregnant and at that time, I felt like the class was too simple. I did not feel like I had a work out at all. Now, simple stretches seems difficult and I really feel like I am stretching those aching muscles! My stamina has also reduced and I get out of breath just going up a flight of stairs. So besides the yoga, I also go for the fitball class at Fit For 2. Fitball is more cardio and toning and strengthening. Also great to boost energy and increase the heart rate a little. Besides exercise classes at Fit For 2 they also have chit chat sessions which they call Bumps, Mums and Muffins. It is a free session where they would invite a speaker and mums can share experiences with each other. We also get free ginger tea and snacks. Sounds fun! However most of their classes are during the working hour and they only have one at 6pm on Thursdays for working mums. They also have Prenatal Partner Yoga where your spouse can participate too! Sounds all fun! We would definitely give it a go.

This weekend we will be going for our prenatal class at Prince Court and we are so looking forward to it!

Weight gain: According to the scale at my office, I've gained 10kg so far! I need to check this at the gynea's clinic, but my appointment is only in 2 weeks time.

Appetite: no different from before

Cravings: Still choc sundae from McD

Aches and pains: Back and ankles. Sometimes shoulder too.

Fetal activity: He really does kick now! I find that he is most active when I am eating.

Others: my skin looks great thanks to those pregnancy hormones. Wish I can have this all the time! I have almost no hair fall as well. I used to shed like a cat before I got pregnant.

The nursery furniture is now complete. I only need to get some beddings for the cot. Still outstanding is the car seat and strollers and feeding equipment. Then again its still early so no hurry. Only thing now everywhere is on sale so its quite good to grab the good bargains.