Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A rare find

On our flight home from Bali onboard Malaysian Airlines, I got to know an interesting lady.

I was tired from the trip and actually tried avoiding making conversations with her. But she attempted polite little conversations nevertheless. She was after all an elderly lady, looks around 70. Our meals came and she told me that she will miss Indonesia food tremendously. " I love it so much!" she says. She explained that she was on holiday in Indonesia and has been travelling for the past 2 weeks. Bali was her last destination before before heading back home to the Netherlands.

"Are you travelling alone?" I asked her.
"Yes my husband died many years ago. And I really wanted to see Asia, so I saved up all year for this trip" she replied.

All sort of emotions started tumbling in me. Her independence, determination and strength astounded me. She had a sparkle in her eyes, a love for life and adventure. She had decided to spend 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur before heading back home. I suggested that she get on the "hop on hop off" bus to see the city since she was short on time. I was not even sure if this bus is still in service! I asked her to check with her hotel just to be safe. She was staying at the Swiss Garden Hotel, which is at quite a dodgy part of town and immediately I was concerned. I hope she is going to be ok.

When we arrived at KLIA, we collected our luggage at the luggage carousel. She had with her a huge bag, as large as ours, where hubby was even struggling to lift it. And she could do it all on her own!

I hope to be like her when I grow old. Still living and loving life. Never afraid to go out alone and see the world.

I never even got her name. I hope she had a good time in KL.

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