Tuesday, December 08, 2009

26th week!

As I write my weekly pregnancy updates, I realize that time does fly, although I feel otherwise. Another 14 weeks to go! That's not long!

So how am I doing this week? Still not too bad apart from the back and shoulder aches. No itchiness on my tummy just yet. Am applying the anti-stretch mark cream (almost) every night, or when I remember. I constantly remind myself I need to have a good portion of fruit and veg daily. Having a full time job at a not so ideal location, it is not that easy to get a good balanced meal. I do take my daily obimin and neurogain supplements.

Jr is kicking much stronger nowadays. I've got this ache on my ribs too, I think its his head or foot or something. He also likes to lie on the right side of my tummy as I can see my tummy bulge more to the right! Hubby finally felt his kicks as his movements are more predictable now. I can also feel him turning (or something like that) cause its feels like a "moving" feeling rather like a kicking feeling. Sometimes he gets really excited and kicks hard and frequent! Can be quite distracting in a meeting.

I could not resist buying children story books to read to him, even at this early stage. I found a real cute one at MPH last night. It was "Stories for little boys" with adorable illustrations. It had short stories like Pinocchio and Emperors New Clothes. According to our antenatal class, the baby is able to hear low frequency sounds better than high frequency sounds at this stage, which means he can hear his daddy's voice better than his mummy's at the moment. So I thought it would be a great bonding thing to get a story book for hubby to read at my tummy haha!

I had a small fall on Sunday. There was an uneven part on the road where I was walking and I landed squarely on my knees. My right knee was terribly bruised. Luckily I was wearing jeans. I did not feel any aches or pains on my tummy and jr was moving like usual. But that did not stop me from being paranoid. It was a friend's kenduri, so after I left, I headed straight for DSH. The last time I had a fall, which was also on my knees, it was a working day so Dr. Guna's clinic was open. Since it was a Sunday, his clinic was obviously closed. Not knowing what to do, I headed straight for the maternity ward. We were told by the nurses sometime ago, if I have any problems at night, I can just go straight there.

At the maternity ward, a nurse tended to me and told me that they could only do a CTG. I had no clue what that was but eventually discovered that means putting those round pad things and listening to the baby's heartbeat. They were not able to do an ultrasound scan. At the ER, only the MO (medical officer) was on duty. He can't do an ultrasound either! So what on earth do we do if there was an emergency?? So the nurse said, I could either do the CTG and then head down to the ER and see the MO, or just head right down to the ER. I decided to do the latter.

At the ER, the staff was totally clueless as to what to do with me! I explained that I had a fall. I expected them to tell me what needs to be done. Instead they asked me nak jumpa siapa?! Like HELLO! You are the ER. Tell me what to do la. They also explained that the MO can't do an ultrasound, so to me that was pointless. Frustrated I headed back to the maternity ward (note that my knee was still sore from the fall and I was already tired going up and down the lift, plus it was a HOT HOT day!). In the end I told the nurse at the maternity ward that I would like to do a CTG.

So we listened to the baby's heartbeat for about half and hour and she said that he seems ok. But if I was still worried, I should call the gynea tomorrow (Dr. Guna was on holiday so I was to call any other doc I feel comfortable with).

I am slowly beginning to doubt the service at DSH. While waiting at the ER I gave Prince Court a call. They also said that only the MO was on duty, but the nurse who answered the phone sounded more in control and helpful and that I am very welcome to come as Dr. Aziz was the gynea on call.

Something to think about isn't it!

Ok so at 26 weeks, I summarise as follows:

Appetite: not that much different. Not ravenous yet!

Cravings: Still choc sundae from McD or anything with chocolate. Which is a surprise as I am not that big a fan of choc. Yes, you heard that right.

Aches and pains: Back and shoulders

Fetal activity: much stronger and frequent now.

Others: Sometimes my tummy feels like its going to burst but sometimes comfortable (like today).

Exercises and activities: Pregnancy Yoga and fitball. I am yet to do some brisk walking. I am still taking pictures! Infact I might have a family portraiture shoot this weekend. I definitely felt better after I restarted my pregnancy yoga classes. Aches and pains are a bit less and muscles felt more comfortable. I could get up from a squat easier after the yoga class!

Weight gain: Ok the scale at the office I've gained 10kg so far. Dr. Guna's scale seem to have been recording a little less. So I will check next week at my next appointment. I think 10kg is not too bad at 26th week, what do you think?

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